A Bay Area group has reached a significant milestone in baking cakes and donating them to kids in need

Since joining Cake4Kids as a volunteer baker in 2011, Robin Wolfgram has baked over 200 cakes.

“I believe the exact count might be 204,” said Wolfgram. While this number is commendable, it represents only a small fraction (0.68%, to be precise) of all the cakes baked by Cake4Kids volunteers for children across the Bay Area since the organization was founded by Libby Gruender in Sunnyvale in 2010.

With the most recent cake baked by Wolfgram this week, the collective total has now reached an impressive 30,000 cakes.

“That number applies specifically to the Bay Area,” Wolfgram noted. “When you factor in chapters nationwide, it surpasses 65,000.” This achievement is especially notable considering that in its inaugural year, Cake4Kids baked just 13 cakes.

The cakes prepared by Cake4Kids volunteers are intended for birthday celebrations of disadvantaged children, many of whom reside in shelters or foster care. Organizations supporting these children contact Cake4Kids when a child has an upcoming birthday but lacks the means for a cake. Wolfgram and other volunteer bakers gladly step in, often creating themed cakes tailored to the child’s interests or requests.

“I believe it can alter their entire perspective, their entire life,” Wolfgram remarked. “Hopefully, it instills a positive outlook on the world in general, showing that there are people who genuinely care.”

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