A person has passed away during a heat wave in San Jose

During a heat wave in the Bay Area, a man in San Jose passed away, as announced by Mayor Matt Mahan and local police on Wednesday.

According to San Jose police, they responded to a report just before 8 p.m. on Tuesday of a deceased man, with no indications of foul play.

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan issued a statement on Wednesday evening, expressing concern over the incident:

“Yesterday, a homeless individual lost their life on our streets due to the heat. This tragedy could have been prevented, which underscores the urgency of our efforts to establish sufficient, humane shelter for everyone. It is not compassionate to leave individuals suffering in unmanaged, unprotected conditions. We will extend the hours of our cooling centers until July 9th — please help spread the word.”

The Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office is currently investigating the matter, with no further details released at this time.

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