Disneyland’s union is distributing buttons featuring Mickey Mouse with a raised fist to guests visiting the theme park

Disneyland’s largest union coalition brought their wage increase campaign to the public by distributing Mickey Mouse buttons with a raised fist symbol to visitors entering the Anaheim theme park.

On Monday, July 1, Disneyland union employees handed out buttons featuring the iconic Disney character’s gloved hand clenched in a fist, symbolizing the fight against oppression. They also asked arriving theme park guests to sign a petition supporting union contract negotiations aimed at securing fair wages.

Cast members, referred to as “cast members” in Disney terminology, distributed these buttons at the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Disney Way while dressed in their theme park uniforms. The Master Services Council, representing 13,000 Disneyland employees across four unions, had previously filed unfair labor practice charges in early June on behalf of more than 500 workers who faced discipline for wearing union buttons featuring Mickey’s raised fist.

Disneyland officials stated that cast members are only permitted to wear buttons and pins that are part of their costumes while on duty to maintain the park’s guest experience. The union coalition, engaged in contract negotiations with Disney since April, represents various employees including ride operators, store clerks, custodians, and confectioners. Their previous contract expired on June 16.

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