Summer Heat Is Here: This is What We Need to Remember

The summer sizzle is in full swing and some parts of California could even see triple digits in the coming months. 

These high temperatures increase the chances of heat related illnesses. 

When it comes to heat safety it’s important to remember vulnerable populations like children and the elderly.

Those are populations that can be affected severely during high temperatures. 

The National Weather Service reports that heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the country. 

With this in mind, heat can lead to multiple other health related issues that can be very harmful. 

As much as possible people are encouraged to remain indoors with air conditioning and avoid long periods of sun exposure outside. 

If you do happen to be outside, it is important to stay hydrated and refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activity. 

It can also help to wear light and loose-fitting clothing, instead of dark colors.

Let’s not forget about our furry friends. 

If you have any pets, it is important to monitor them and keep them in cool and shaded areas. 

Dropping a few ice cubes into their water bowl can also help keep them cool and hydrated.

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