The weather service has classified the heat wave in the Bay Area as an ‘extremely perilous condition’

The National Weather Service has labeled the prolonged heat wave affecting the Bay Area at the beginning of July as an “extremely hazardous situation” with the potential for deadly consequences. According to the weather service, multiple days of temperatures significantly above normal could lead to serious impacts on both people and infrastructure, potentially resulting in numerous heat-related deaths.

They emphasized the critical nature of the situation, stressing that while coping with high temperatures for a single day might be manageable for some, an event of this magnitude and duration could be among the most severe in nearly two decades.

The weather service urged the public to take necessary precautions, including staying hydrated, wearing lightweight and loose clothing, and seeking air-conditioned environments to cool down. They underscored that heat is the leading cause of weather-related fatalities in the United States, cautioning that without proper preparations, this weekend could see an increase in that statistic.

Additionally, the weather service cautioned beachgoers to exercise caution despite the hot air temperatures, noting that water temperatures in the bay and along the coast remain cold.

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