VTA keeps transit clean and safe for essential workers during COVID-19 pandemic

To keep riders safe during COVID-19, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) has implemented various safety protocols including facemask wearing, social distancing, and rigorous cleaning of the public transit.

With an increase in coronavirus cases, essential workers throughout the Bay Area continue to do their part for the community, and VTA provides a safe travelling option.

“I’m considered an essential person at my workplace,” said VTA rider Cindy Cotton. “I’m really happy with VTA, and I will continue going to work everyday on VTA there’s no reason to stop.”

“It’s very safe, the seating is well-spaced, we’re all 6 feet apart, the driver’s protected, people are protected, we’re all wearing masks, so what’s not to like about VTA,” said Cotton.

For more information on how VTA is keeping passengers safe during COVID-19, visit here.

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