Adobe releases new organization tool for Premiere Pro called Productions

Adobe is launching a new feature in Premiere Pro today called Productions, making it easier to work on the same project with multiple people. Adobe previewed the feature at Sundance, saying it was designed with filmmakers in mind.

The new Productions panel offers a Google Drive-like experience so creatives can share assets easier. Multiple editors can work on the same project using local or shared storage, and it’ll all show up on a file system inside Premiere. You don’t need an internet connection for it to work.PROJECTS IN PRODUCTIONS ARE CONDENSED INTO CLIPS, SEQUENCES, AND OTHER RELEVANT FILES

Productions shows up as a panel inside Premiere, giving you a bird’s-eye view of all the projects you have access to and who is working on each portion of the project. Icons indicate what type of access you have to a project. For example, if you see a red lock icon, it means someone has “locked” that project so you can’t work on it, or if you see a green pen icon next to a project, it means you can edit the project.

Projects in Productions are condensed into clips, sequences, and other relevant files to allow for faster open and save times. Adobe also said that you can easily reuse project files as well, so you could, for example, take sound effects or graphics from a previous project and drop them into a new one.

Adobe envisions this new feature would be ideal for creative professionals working on “large, complex projects” including feature films or TV shows. The company thinks the new feature could help increase productivity and workflows regardless of the scale of the project, though.

Adobe has a similar feature available called Team Projects, a collaboration cloud service that allows editors and motion graphics artists, to work on one, unified project using Premiere Pro, After Effects, Prelude, and Media Encoder instead of creating standalone project files for these separate applications. The service lets creatives work seamlessly across After Effects and Premiere Pro without re-rendering files, though it requires an internet connection and a subscription fee. Adobe said that a Team Project can be converted into a standalone project file and added to Productions. All subscribers to Creative Cloud individual plans will have free access to Team Projects until August 17th.

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