Face Masks Now Required for Businesses in Santa Clara County

The County has revised its Shelter-in-Place order to include face coverings. We predicted this two weeks ago when Los Angeles established a similar order.

The County of Santa Clara Public Health Officer issued new requirements for face masks. Here’s the summary:


  • Everyone must wear face masks whenever they’re at a business, including outdoor businesses.
  • Businesses must post signs reminding the individuals to wear a face mask when they’re at their facilities.


  • Children, age 6 and under;
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing or is unable to remove a face covering without help; and
  • People outdoors exercising.


When out in public, people are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering, such as a bandana, scarf, towel or other pieces of cloth or fabric. Face masks can help, but social distancing is still the best way to avoid spreading COVID-19.

For more information, the County has info on Critical Guidance on Face Coverings

For tips on wearing a cloth face mask and how to make one, you can go to this site: SantaClaraCA.gov/FaceCoverings.

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