Chris Pratt facing criticism after demolishing a historic home in Los Angeles to construct mansion, labeling him as the “worst Chris” in Hollywood

Chris Pratt, often criticized online as Hollywood’s “worst Chris,” has now drawn ire from architecture enthusiasts and preservationists. Reports reveal that Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger purchased and subsequently demolished the historic Zimmerman House in Brentwood, a 74-year-old modern architectural gem designed by Craig Ellwood. The house, considered a prime example of Mid-Century Modern design in Los Angeles, was purchased for $12.5 million and swiftly demolished to make way for a new 15,000-square-foot farmhouse-style residence.

Critics, including architecture enthusiasts and preservation activists, were less restrained in their condemnation of Pratt and Schwarzenegger’s decision to replace the historic home with what they called a “farmhouse monstrosity.” One commenter referred to Pratt as “the worst Chris,” a sentiment echoed by many on social media.

In recent years, Pratt has faced criticism for various reasons, including his perceived conservative political views, attendance at a church with anti-LGBTQ beliefs, and perceived favoritism towards his children from his second marriage over his son with Anna Faris. Now, his actions regarding the Zimmerman House have brought him under fire from a new group of detractors.

Commenters expressed outrage at the demolition, with one person on X stating, “Special place in hell for people who do this, go buy a readily made McMansion instead you dumb (expletive).” Additionally, Dwell reported that Pratt and Schwarzenegger removed all of Garrett Eckbo’s original landscaping, effectively eliminating the natural features of the nearly one-acre lot.

According to Dwell, members of the Midcentury Modern subreddit expressed their shock and outrage at Pratt and Schwarzenegger’s actions. Comments included statements like “Yet more proof that money can’t buy good taste,” and “I know its just material but sincerely, burn in the deepest pits of hell bro.”

One commenter on the subreddit emphasized the significance of the demolished house, stating, “This wasn’t some grandma’s ranch house in a random, sprawling suburb in Pennsylvania, with a no-name architect and zero significance!” The Zimmerman House had architectural, historical, and artistic importance, described as a “grand dame” among similar homes.

The Robb Report detailed the history of the Zimmerman house, noting its completion in 1950 and its feature in Progressive Architecture magazine. Preservationists expressed devastation over its demolition, with Save Iconic Architecture likening the couple’s decision to “buying a Rothko for the frame.”

Fashion and design historian Quinn Garvey’s TikTok video tour of the former home garnered nearly 40,000 likes, highlighting its classic midcentury design elements. Garvey expressed shock at the demolition, remarking on the home’s good condition during her visit.

The Robb Report speculated that Pratt and Schwarzenegger chose the Zimmerman property due to its proximity to Maria Shriver’s two-house compound. However, some critics felt the couple could have preserved the Ellwood-designed home by making modifications and additions.

Los Angeles’ lax approach to historic designation was criticized, with Rummerfield noting that citizens and architectural enthusiasts often bear the responsibility of advocating for preservation. Requests for historic designation can be delayed for years due to bureaucratic processes.

In the meantime, Pratt and Schwarzenegger are reportedly selling their current residence, a contemporary Mediterranean-style manor, for $30 million while awaiting the completion of their new farmhouse-style home.

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