A family in San Jose reports that their dog is missing following a burglary in which $30,000 worth of belongings were stolen

A family in San Jose is experiencing fear and uncertainty after their home was burglarized while they were at work, resulting in the loss of nearly $30,000 worth of belongings.

According to the homeowner, who chose to remain anonymous, the perpetrator broke the locks and entered through a window. The incident, captured on video on Jan. 28 in the Rose Garden neighborhood around 8 a.m., shows the suspect, dressed in a black hoodie, jeans, and red shoes, approaching the home and knocking on the door multiple times before realizing no one was present.

Upon noticing the family’s husky named Greta in the yard, the suspect left briefly and returned with their own dog. Subsequently, the suspect can be seen entering the home with a different jacket and two white sticks, rifling through the belongings, and leaving with various items.

The victim reported that the stolen items included jewelry such as gold necklaces, as well as cash saved for their upcoming baby. The family is deeply affected by the incident, with the homeowner’s wife experiencing fear and trauma, constantly fearing another break-in.

The family is eager to relocate due to safety concerns, and while the San Jose police are investigating the incident, the family’s primary hope is to be reunited with their missing dog, Greta.

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