A new program is dedicated to saving and reviving famous business signs in San Jose

A new initiative is focusing on the preservation and restoration of historic business signs in San Jose, including the iconic sign of Westside Billiards and its café, which have been a part of San Jose’s San Carlos Street since the 1940s.

Yvette Tsaboukos, co-owner of Westside Billiards, emphasized the significance of the sign as a beacon for their presence in the area, highlighting its importance in the community’s history.

With the closure of Westside Billiards during the pandemic and its recent reopening, the Preservation Action Council of San Jose, typically focused on preserving buildings, stepped in to help the establishment restore its sign through a fundraising effort. This initiative serves as a model for the committee’s broader plan to assist other businesses in restoring their landmark signs to maintain their historical presence and viability.

Ben Leech, the executive director of the Preservation Action Council of San Jose, expressed concern over the disappearing legacy businesses and their unique signs, underscoring the importance of the sign restoration fund in preserving San Jose’s cultural identity.

The city has also initiated a sign restoration program as part of its storefront activation program to support businesses with the preservation of their iconic yet sometimes costly and high-maintenance signs.

The Preservation Action Council has already received inquiries from other businesses interested in restoring their distinctive signs and plans to launch a comprehensive program by May, coinciding with National Preservation Month.

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