A Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputy stops a man who is accused of pretending to be a police officer

A deputy from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office pulled over a vehicle for having expired registration and discovered that the driver was impersonating a police officer, the sheriff’s office reported on Sunday.

The deputy, who was patrolling the West Valley area, noticed the expired registration and initiated a traffic stop.

According to the sheriff’s office, the driver was wearing a “security” uniform with “Police” written on it, along with a duty belt and a bulletproof vest.

Upon receiving consent to search the vehicle, law enforcement allegedly found two firearms, two batons, pepper spray, and methamphetamine inside. Additionally, the vehicle was equipped with “Code 3” lights typically used by emergency responders.

“The suspect did not have a guard card on him either,” the sheriff’s office stated on Facebook. “The suspect took it upon himself to get his own vehicle outfitted with the lights.”

The suspect was arrested for impersonating a peace officer and possession of a baton, concealed firearm, tear gas, an unregistered firearm, having a loaded firearm with a controlled substance, and methamphetamine. The suspect had also falsified his vehicle registration.

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