A well-known priest with a history of child abuse convictions has been sentenced for causing a fatal car accident in Walnut Creek while drunk driving

A former East Bay priest, notorious for allegations of sexually abusing numerous children, is back in jail, not for the abuse cases but for a fatal drunk driving incident in Walnut Creek. Stephen Kiesle appeared in Contra Costa County court on Friday to change his plea to no contest for the charge of driving under the influence and causing the death of his Rossmoor Walnut Creek neighbor. Kiesle has been sentenced to six years and eight months in state prison.

Last year, prosecutors asserted that Kiesle was intoxicated when he fatally struck Curtis Gunn, who was walking with his wife on a sidewalk in Rossmoor. During the court proceedings, Gunn’s wife delivered a poignant victim impact statement, expressing through tears that “Kiesle made a choice to drink that night. Today he has chosen his prison term.”

Kiesle has a history of incarceration for the sexual abuse of a young girl during his time as a priest. He is currently implicated in numerous additional child sex abuse lawsuits

When questioned about his sentencing and the new lawsuits, both Kiesle and his attorney opted not to provide any comments.

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