Alexis Gabe Family Speaks Up After Daughter’s Remains Found

Authorities in Oakley provided more details about the discovery of the remains of Alexis Gabe in Amador County more than 9 months after she was last seen.

Gabe disappeared on Jan. 29 after visiting her ex-boyfriend Marshall Curtis Jones in Antioch.

Investigators believe Jones killed Gabe, but he was shot and killed by officers in Seattle in June when they tried to arrest him.

Since her disappearance, volunteers have spent hundreds of hours searching for Gabe’s body. Police said that on Thursday, someone who was metal detecting in Amador County discovered what turned out to be Gabe’s partial remains.

“While it was what we were praying to find Alexis and lay her to rest, the reality was still devastating to hear,” her father, Gwyn Gabe said. “Our hearts were shattered even more than what we thought possible.” 

The remains were found off Jackson Road in Plymouth, about 40 miles east of Sacramento. Investigators believe Jones traveled to that area with Gabe’s remains after Gabe was reported missing.

Amador County officials confirmed the identity of the partial remains as belonging to Gabe through her most recent dental records. Investigators also found at the scene earrings confirmed to be the property of Gabe, according to Oakley police.

John Cox with the Antioch Police Department said during a press conference Monday that based on all the evidence, they don’t believe Gabe left Jones’ house alive. 

With so many unanswered questions, Gabe’s father said they’ll likely never have closure

“But despite all the pain, anger, frustration and grief, we are somehow relieved that she has been found and we can finally bring her home,” he said. 

The family said they’ll keep searching until all her remains are found. They’re hoping that search will also uncover more answers. 

A candlelight vigil has been scheduled for Dec. 9 in Oakley.

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