Family Remembers 2-Year-Old Boy Killed by Falling Tree in Sonoma County

A family is in mourning after a redwood tree came crashing down on their Occidental house Wednesday night, killing a 2-year-old boy.

Family members have identified the victim as Aeon Tocchini.

“He brought life and we are all in shock,” said Aileen Tocchini, the victim’s grandmother.

Aileen said Aeon’s smile and bright blond hair got the 2-year-old his nickname “Goldie.” It’s a memory Aileen Tocchini said she is trying desperately to hold on to.

“He was just always loving and telling you how much he loved you to everybody. Always smiling, always happy, always dancing,” she said.

On Wednesday night, Aisha Tocchini, Aeon’s mother, was outside walking towards her Occidental home, when she saw part of a redwood tree come crashing into her living room, where her toddler was sitting.

“It just dropped on the house, right in front of me,” she said. “I thought my husband and son were dead. Then, my husband jumped up out of the trash and he just screamed for my son.”

Aisha’s husband and neighbors helped pull Aeon from underneath the branches, but it was too late.

Emotional neighbors watched as fire crews tried to save Aeon’s life.

“I didn’t sleep at all last night. I can’t get her scream, her wailing out of my head and I cannot imagine what she must be going through,” said Richard Capell of Sonoma County.

“His life is a short life, but his life has made a difference and will continue to make a difference,” said Aileen Tocchini.

Aeon’s family is trying to hold on to the joy he brought to their live and said that like his name, which means “eternity,” he will forever be in their hearts.

“He was just ‘Goldie.’ He was just pure, an angel, he was just happy, a gift,” said Aisha Tocchini.

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