Inmates in Jailhouse Attack on Los Gatos Mother Accused of Hosting Alcohol-Fueled Teen Parties Due in Court

Five female inmates were due in court Tuesday following a jailhouse attack on a South Bay mother accused of throwing alcohol-fueled parties for teenagers.

Shannon O’Connor was attached in October in her dorm at the Elmwood Correctional Facility in Milpitas, according to court documents. The documents report five women assaulted O’Connor with their “hands and feet” for about 16 seconds before deputies entered the room and separated them. O’Connor was then treated at a hospital before being returned to the Elmwood facility.

The documents add O’Connor did not fight back and did not give a potential motive for the attack.

O’Connor is facing 39 charges alleging she hosted booze-fueled parties two years ago for her high school son and his friends. Those charges include child endangerment, providing alcohol to minors and sexual battery. The last charge is due to an accusation of non-consensual sexual activity between two minors at one of the parties. O’Connor has pleaded not guilty to these charges.

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