List of Alleged Crimes Tied to Man Suspected of Setting San Jose Home Depot Fire

The investigation into the San Jose Home Depot fire suspect’s background has revealed more information about his past alleged thefts.

According to new court documents, Dyllin Jaycruz Gogue, 27, is also accused of several other crimes in the Bay Area:

  • Guitar Center: Gogue is accused of stealing an electric keyboard and a guitar from a Bay Area Guitar Center location.
  • Kohl’s: Gogue is also accused of stealing 45 pairs of jeans from a Bay Area Kohl’s location.
  • Macy’s at Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara: Gogue is facing a separate court hearing for alleged thefts at Macy’s in Valley Fair Mall, including pricey Michael Kors bags as well as expensive Coco Chanel perfume and clothes.
  • New Star Beauty Supply as San Jose’s Eastridge Mall (Mar. 27): Security video from the store appeared to show Gogue stealing an expensive wig. He was stopped by a locked door and had to fend off an employee, who tried to detain him, officials said.
  • REI in Sunnyvale: Gogue also faces charges for stealing a cooler, blankets and a knife from the Sunnyvale REI location. He was also caught with counterfeit money and a meth pipe.

On Tuesday, authorities identified Gogue as the suspect in the massive South San Jose Home Depot fire on April 9, which destroyed the building and caused over $17 million in damages. 

Investigators said that they believe Gogue set the Home Depot on fire to distract employees while he stole tools.

The details surrounding Gogue’s past alleged crimes stunned San Jose resident Rick Garcia, who was inside the Home Depot when the fire started.

“My immediate thought was ‘Wow!’ (laughs)…you know? I can’t believe I was that close to the person,” he said. “Falls in line with the pattern with things that he’s done. But it’s also pretty scary that it can happen anywhere. He was all over the Bay Area from what I understand.” 

For Garcia, he said the new developments made him glad he spoke to investigators.

“I actually met with the ATF and I told the inspector that it’s one of two things: either it was electrical or somebody intentionally did this,’” he said.

Investigators said they will continue to look for more people who knew or came across Gogue as well as more incidents.

The list could keep getting longer before his plea hearing on Jun. 1.

If convicted, Gogue could face 14 years to life in prison.

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