Man that Posed as Doctor on Dating App, Injected Woman With Fat Reducer

A Saratoga man is accused of posing as a doctor to inject a woman with what she thought was Botox.

Prosecutors said Brody Amir Moazzeni used an alias and a dating app to advertise his services and they believe there may be more victims. Moazzeni was recently arraigned on the criminal charge.

“There was an intimate relationship that went on, and part of the reason this young lady allowed this to happen was because she believed the defendant was her boyfriend and he was a doctor,” Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Ann Huntley said.

Moazzeni is accused of injecting the victims with a lipolytic, which is a fat reducer. When the victim started having adverse reactions and catching on to what was happening, the police report shows she told Moazenni “I’m having issues with my face. You could get in serious trouble. If you don’t want me to take it to the police, then do not contact me again.”

Investigators with the DA’s office later arrested Moazzeni on charges of practicing medicine without a license.

“My concern is because the manner in which this young lady was contacted on a dating app, that he might have done this with other women,” Huntley said.

Police in Miami believe there are other victims after arresting Moazzeni in March 2021 on charges of impersonating a doctor and allegedly abusing one of his patients. Miami police claim Moazzeni ran an illegal medical practice out of his Miami beach apartment.

Moazzeni on Tuesday was out on his own recognizance and is ordered to stay away from botox or other injectables. Prosecutors said he lives with his parents at a home in the Saratoga hills. No one answered the door when an NBC Bay Area attempted to reach Moazzeni for comment.

Prosecutors are urging any other potential victims to come forward. Possible victims can contact District Attorney Investigator Krissy Durant at or 408-792-2567.

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