More Than 400 Unwanted Guns Returned During Buyback Event in Milpitas

A gun buyback event in Milpitas Sunday brought in more than 400 unwanted firearms.

Organizers say the weapons could have ended up in serious crimes or involved in accidents and now they won’t be on the streets.

On this table is a sample of the some of the unwanted guns collected in a gun buyback at the milpitas community center.

“It’s really a canary in a coalmine to know what’s in our community and that people are willing to give up,” said Santa Clara County Supervisor Otto Lee.

Lee, along with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, law enforcement and others teamed up to make it happen.

People showed up turning over firearms that they didn’t want. Organizers say it could help prevent potential accidents, gun violence or crimes.

“Firearms, which could be taken in burglaries or other forms of theft that could be used in criminal activity the community responded today we processed 182 cars we recovered 415 firearms, which included ghost guns shot guns rifles,” said Capt. Frank Morales of Milpitas Police Department.

People stayed in the car and with the gun unloaded in the trunk. They were offered cash ranging from $100 to $200 dollars with very few questions.

“One good thing an important thing about this event is its anonymous the only question we ask folks are where are the fireamrs and how many do you have, we’re not asking people’s names identity date of birth immigration status, none,” said Deputy District Attorney Hugo Meza.

They will check if any guns collected are lost are stolen.

“If they’re stolen, the owner will be contacted to be returned to the rightful owner certainly but for the rest of them all will be turned over to contractor we will not using or reselling they will be melted,” Lee said.

Organizers said they spent more than $40,000 on Sunday’s buyback event, and believe it made a difference.

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