San Jose police are seeking individuals involved in the shooting of a dog

A puppy is in recovery after being shot in the head earlier this year in East San Jose, and the police are searching for two suspects in connection with the incident.

The dog’s owner reported the shooting around 6:35 a.m. on Jan. 11 in the vicinity of Ann Darling Drive and McKee Road. Upon hearing a gunshot, the owner woke up to find her dog, Marley, returning to her across McKee Road. Marley, who is just under a year old, had wandered away from home and was coming back with a gunshot wound.

According to San Jose police, the bullet entered Marley’s skull and exited below the jawline, also injuring the dog’s right paw. The police are treating the incident as a case of animal cruelty and are seeking two suspects. One suspect is described as a Hispanic man in his 20s with a thin build, wearing a yellow jacket and blue jeans. There is no description available for the second suspect.

Marley is currently recovering in foster care after receiving extensive medical treatment. The police have appealed to the community for information, stating in a news release on Monday that they need help locating the two suspects responsible for the heartless shooting of the defenseless dog. The Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers Program is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved.

Anyone with information about this case or similar incidents is urged to contact Detective Lindenberg or Detective Martinez of the San Jose Police Assaults Unit via email at or by calling (408) 277-4161.

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