The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has introduced a new notification system

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District announced on Monday the launch of a new subscription service designed to inform residents about incidents impacting air quality at the county and regional levels via text and email.

Residents can subscribe to receive notifications about air quality incidents through the district’s website. Subscribers have the option to sign up for alerts via email and text messages for incidents affecting specific counties or the entire Bay Area.

Dr. Philip Fine, the air district’s executive officer, emphasized that this new service will enable the Air District to promptly inform Bay Area residents about events such as industrial fires, refinery flaring, wildfires, or widespread odors that affect local or regional air quality.

According to the air district’s website, the frequency of notifications may vary, ranging from one per month to more than 15, depending on the occurrence of incidents.

The service is intended to complement existing air quality notification systems and is not meant to replace them. These include community warnings, Spare the Air alerts, local news coverage, and resources like the Environmental Protection Agency’s fire and smoke map.

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