The rollout of a new payment system for public transportation across the Bay Area has been postponed

A new payment system intended to simplify public transit payments in the Bay Area has been postponed indefinitely. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission announced that the technology, which would allow passengers to use a debit or credit card or smartphone to ride buses, trains, and ferries with a simple tap, is not yet ready.

While riders can still use contactless payment methods, they must use a virtual Clipper card. The MTC had planned to launch Clipper 2, a system that would eliminate the need for a physical Clipper card, this summer. However, issues discovered during a pilot program on various transit systems have led to a delay in the system’s rollout beyond the summer.

BART recently installed new Clipper card readers at some East Bay stations to improve payment speed and convenience. However, riders have reported that the new technology actually takes longer to process their cards. BART stated that it is working with its vendor to resolve the issue.

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