The unofficial 4/20 event in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park drew crowds

San Francisco’s 420 Hippie Hill event didn’t take place on Saturday due to what organizers cited as a lack of funds. However, this didn’t deter people from gathering at Golden Gate Park. Despite the event’s cancellation, a significant crowd still gathered in the park, celebrating cannabis culture with a visible haze of smoke.

And the atmosphere in Golden Gate Park was still lively, particularly in Robin Williams Meadow.

“People still support the movement, and they come to the park, find their spot, and enjoy some cannabis,” said Chris Morales, a San Francisco resident.

We interviewed two individuals from Utah who have been attending the event since 2009.

“We travel over 800 miles every year to participate in this festival in the park,” said Debbie Harms. “Even though we knew beforehand it was canceled, we thought, ‘You know what? It’s San Francisco. We’ll either find the party or we’ll be the party. It’s okay either way.'”

“We come every year, but we heard this was kind of being shut down,” added Shanna LeBlanc. “But we figured we could still hang out on the hill.”

Organizers mentioned that economic challenges forced them to cancel the event, meaning there were no stages or booths like in previous years.

However, the city’s Recreation and Parks Department organized an alternative.

“There’s no official 4/20 event, but there’s the ‘Peace, Love, and Volo day,'” explained Tamara Barak Aparton from the department. “It’s volleyball, kickball, and cornhole. Just fun and games. There’s a DJ out there. And there’s some unofficial 4/20 activities going on too, up on the hill. But it’s not overcrowded.” Hippie Hill is a popular spot on the unofficial cannabis holiday. As a precaution, the city’s fire department, police, and other agencies were present.

“We’re just trying to ensure everybody’s safety,” said Pastor Dave Hodges, the founder of the Church of Ambrosia. “We brought a bunch of water out here, and we have some medics.”

Hodges was there with a team.

“We know the event is canceled,” Hodges said. “We’re encouraging people not to come. But we expect them to and want to make sure everybody is safe.”

Those who attended said the day met their expectations.

“It’s been really fun just to meet people and look at the cute dogs, even,” LeBlanc said. “You know? Everybody is so happy.”

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