Thieves Break Into Family-Owned Jewelry Store in San Jose

A family-owned jewelry store in San Jose was broken into early Thursday morning and police have yet to make any arrests.

Burglars triggered the alarm system at Acapulco Jewelers on Post Street and the owners dispatched police. But officers got there too late to catch anyone. 

The owners said it’s a first in their 40 years in business.

The place was gutted and more than $100,000 worth of merchandise stolen.

A granddaughter who works at the store says she’s thankful no one got hurt.

“My first response to her was ‘thank God you weren’t here’ because it’s a family-owned business so it’s only family that works here so I was just so happy that it happened when they weren’t here, during business hours, or any customers,” said Olga Gonzalez.

Acapulco jewelers said so much was stolen, that they don’t have enough insurance to cover it.

They’re also disappointed that only one officer was dispatched to the crime scene.

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