Video of Man Riding on the Back of VTA Train in San Jose goes Viral

A viral video has transit authorities investigating and the South Bay community in shock.

A video posted on Instagram shows a person riding on the back of a VTA train traveling alongside a San Jose freeway.

”I just turned around really surprised and was like ‘what is going on?’ So I just grabbed my phone,” said Jessica Gomez, who recorded the video. 

It happened on the blue line, heading south towards Santa Teresa, right in front of Gomez’s eyes as she headed on a shopping trip with her cousin Wednesday morning.

“He’s holding on with one arm and then, the other is just like loose like just wandering around and it was just crazy to see him and how fast the train was going, like 60 to 70,” said Gomez.

She said she saw the incident while going southbound on HIghway 87 and she believes it was on the Tamien Light Rail Station where the person got off.  

“We tried to wave at the train driver, like ‘hey’ you know, real quick, but it think he noticed someone was on his train, because it looked like he was turning around to see the back,” said Gomez.

Just hours after sharing the video on social media, thousands of view and mixed reactions.

 “I still can’t believe that happened. Like right here dude, I come here every day, that’s crazy,” said Demetri. 

”I was kind of thinking what had happened to put him in that situation where you kind of needed to get on,” said VTA rider Eric De la Cerda.

Santa Clara Valley’s Transportation Authority confirms they are investigating what they call an “extremely dangerous act.”

In a statement, VTA wrote in part, “Safety on our system is VTA’s highest priority. And we urge anyone who sees this type of behavior occurring to please call 911 immediately. Riding on the outside of any VTA vehicle is against the law and can be fatal.”

Gomez and riders are just hoping the person in the video is safe and authorities ask no one to attempt this dangerous and irresponsible act.

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