Amazon warns employees that those who choose not to return to the office may face increased challenges in securing promotions.

Amazon is reiterating its emphasis on employees returning to the office, cautioning that non-compliance could adversely affect their prospects of receiving promotions. The company has specified that employees who do not work in an office for at least three days a week may face an additional layer of leadership approval when being considered for promotion, as confirmed by the e-commerce giant on Friday.

Brad Glasser, a spokesperson for Amazon, stated, “There are a variety of factors we consider when determining an employee’s readiness for the next level.” He further emphasized that, like any company, adherence to company guidelines and policies is expected from employees being considered for promotion.

This move comes after CEO Andy Jassy announced in February, approximately three years into the work-from-home era prompted by the pandemic, that employees would be mandated to return to the office for at least three days per week starting in May. Jassy highlighted the belief that in-person collaboration and innovation are more effective.

Like much of the broader business world, Amazon has faced some employee resistance to this mandate. At the end of May, some corporate workers staged a walkout at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, citing multiple grievances, including the push to get workers back in the office at least three days a week. The walkout in May also occurred months after the company confirmed it was laying off some 27,000 workers over multiple rounds of cuts.

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