Airbnb has implemented a global ban on the use of indoor security cameras in its listings

Airbnb announced on Monday that it will prohibit the use of indoor security cameras in its listings worldwide by the end of the following month. The San Francisco-based online rental platform stated that it aims to streamline its security camera policy while emphasizing privacy.

Juniper Downs, Airbnb’s head of community policy and partnerships, mentioned in a statement that these changes were made after consulting with guests, hosts, and privacy experts. The company will continue to seek feedback to ensure that its policies are suitable for its global community.

Previously, Airbnb allowed hosts to use indoor security cameras in common areas if their locations were disclosed on the listings page. However, under the new policy, hosts will still be permitted to use doorbell cameras and noise-decibel monitors, but only in common spaces and with disclosure of their location and presence.

Airbnb anticipates that the policy update will affect a small number of hosts since most listings do not currently report having indoor security cameras. The new policy will come into effect on April 30.

In its fourth-quarter earnings report last month, Airbnb reported an increase in bookings and revenue, with strong demand continuing for its services.

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