Graphenemex and World Direct Tech shine at materials science conference in the United Arab Emirates

The alliance between Graphenemex, represented by its CEO Eduardo Priego Mondragón, and World Direct Tech, headed by CEO Paulo Armas, was the center of attention at the International Congress on Frontiers in Materials Science and Engineering (FMSE), organized by the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in the United Arab Emirates on February 14 and 15, 2024. Graphenemex was the only Latin American company invited to this event, being a leader in the field of Nanotechnology.

During the event, Eduardo Priego Mondragón presented two lectures titled “Innovation in Construction: Graphene Oxide, the Differentiating Nano Additive for Concrete” and “Revolution in Coatings: Empowering the Construction Industry through the Use of Graphene Coatings.” Priego Mondragón presented an analysis of the multifunctional properties of graphene materials, highlighting their mechanical strength, impermeability, flexibility, thermal and electrical conductivity, and lightweight nature. These characteristics make graphene suitable for various applications, such as electronics, medicine, plastics, coatings, construction, and renewable energies.

Left to right: Mauricio Navarro from WDT, Eduardo Priego from Graphenemex, Prof. Sank Our Kim from Korea’s KAIST Institute for NanoCentury, CEO Paulo Armas and Muayad Dawoud from WDT.

He mainly emphasized the benefits of graphene in the construction sector, addressing topics such as the durability of materials, the control of CO₂ emissions, and the search for new technologies to adapt to operational, environmental, and market demands. The participation of Graphenemex and World Direct Tech in this international congress highlights the importance of collaboration between Mexican and Emirati companies in the search for and implementation of new technologies to improve quality, economic efficiency, and environmental sustainability in the construction industry worldwide.

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