Universal Studios plans United Kingdom theme park

Universal Studios is looking to continue its recent building spree with a potential project in the heart of Europe that would transform a sleepy English countryside town into a 500-acre theme park destination.

Universal Studios has purchased land outside London as a possible theme park site, according to Universal Destinations & Experiences.

“We recently acquired land in Bedford and are at the early stages of exploring its feasibility for a potential park and resort at this site,” according to a Universal Destinations & Experiences spokesperson. “It will be many months before we are ready to make a decision to proceed and we look forward to engaging with all relevant stakeholders and the local community.”

Universal Studios selected the Bedford community — located about 60 miles outside the heart of London — for its transportation infrastructure and proximity to large populations in the British capital and the greater European Union, according to the Bedford Independent, a local publication in the United Kingdom.

More than half the U.K. population lives within two hours of Bedford and the town is close to the Luton Airport, which primarily serves low-cost airlines.

Comcast has purchased approximately 500 acres of former brickworks land in the Bedford area for the potential theme park project, according to Orlando Park Stop.

Universal Studios remains in the feasibility phase of the project and won’t make a decision about whether to proceed for many months, according to Universal Destinations & Experiences officials.

Universal has registered a series of website domains for the names Universal Studios Great Britain and Universal Great Britain, according to Orlando Park Stop.

A Universal Studios Great Britain theme park would likely feature a number of indoor attractions to accommodate the wetter British weather.

Universal Studios Beijing features several indoor lands based on Kung Fu Panda, Minions and Jurassic Park themes.

Universal Creative, the design arm of the theme park division, has not yet determined the creative content for the potential U.K. theme park.

Comcast has gone on a theme park building spree in recent months with the announcement of Universal Kids Resort in Frisco, Texas, and Universal Horror Unleashed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Epic Universe theme park under construction in Orlando, Florida is set to open in summer 2025.

Universal Studios currently operates theme parks in Hollywood, Florida, Japan, Singapore and China.

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