AAA anticipates that air travel during the upcoming holiday season will surpass previous records

This holiday season is projected to be the most hectic ever at the country’s airports, and the roads are anticipated to experience significant congestion as well.

According to AAA, this year’s year-end holiday travel forecast is set to be the second-highest since the organization began monitoring travel data in 2000, predicting that 115 million Americans will travel during Christmas and New Year’s.

In terms of air travel, AAA expects to surpass the 2019 record of 7.3 million air travelers, with an estimated 7.5 million individuals flying between Saturday, Dec. 23, and New Year’s Day.

AAA spokesperson Aixa Dias advises travelers to plan ahead, recommending early arrival and, if possible, pre-reserving airport parking. Additionally, avoiding checked luggage is suggested by AAA.

The roadways are also projected to be particularly congested, especially on the Saturdays before Christmas and New Year’s Day. The busiest day of that week is expected to be Thursday, Dec. 28, due to a combination of work commuters, those departing for New Year’s Eve, and individuals returning from Christmas travels.

Gas prices are anticipated to align with last year’s national average of $3.10 per gallon, or potentially drop even lower.

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