Significant Advances in Nanotechnology: Insights from the Nano International Forum in Monterrey

The Nano International Forum, held on November 28 and 29 in Monterrey, witnessed the prominent participation of various leaders in the field of nanotechnology.

During the event, companies such as Energeia-Graphenemex, Nanoqem, Cemex, Merck, Nicdet, Analitek, QSM, Dinso-MX, and Breet, along with renowned educational institutions, were present. This participation allowed them to strengthen collaboration and commitment, consolidating efforts to advance science and technology in Mexico and Latin America.

Eduardo Priego Mondragón, CEO of Energeia-Graphenemex, emphasized the significant potential of graphene materials for Mexico during his conference. He focused on specific examples, such as the production of additives for concrete and coatings that not only combat corrosion, causing worldwide damage worth millions annually, but also demonstrate maximum effectiveness in preventing intrahospital infections, a longstanding issue in terms of mortality.

“We firmly believe that the collaboration and commitment of all participants will continue to generate significant advances, placing Mexico at the forefront not only of basic science but also in the implementation of tangible solutions for the benefit of society,” stated Amílcar Fernando Sala Arceo, representing Energeia-Graphenemex.

Joel Gutiérrez Antonio, President of the Nanotechnology Cluster in Nuevo León and also Director of Operations and Technology at Nanoqem, highlighted the company’s vision of uniting knowledge from academia, industry, and their team, contributing significantly to the advancement of nanotechnology in Mexico and Latin America.

The company continues to set the pace by transforming academic research into tangible solutions for various industrial sectors, including innovative consumer products.

Participation in the event reflects Nanoqem’s commitment to the constant exploration and expansion of the field of nanotechnology in the region.

Gutiérrez Antonio shared details about Nanoqem’s product portfolio, emphasizing the versatility and impact of its developments in the field of nanotechnology.

Joel Gutiérrez Antonio

Within its extensive catalog, Gutiérrez Antonio identifies Nano ZnO (zinc oxide) as a flagship product. This powerful germicide, developed as a complex in 2015, has gained recognition for its effectiveness in disinfection and sanitization. Approved by the European Community, Nano ZnO offers a safe and long-lasting alternative, making a crucial difference compared to conventional products.

Gutiérrez Antonio highlights the applicability of Nano ZnO in various industries, from paints to disinfectants and personal care products. The extended duration of this product, up to 72 hours, contrasts with the limited effectiveness of conventional disinfectants, providing consumers with an effective and long-lasting solution.

He particularly emphasized the product ZANILAST + GO®, designed for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, currently available on platforms such as Amazon and GNC, and soon to be found in other supermarkets and pharmacies.

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