1-Year-Old Boy in Critical Condition After Redwood Tree Falls Into Boulder Creek Home

A 1-year-old boy is in critical condition Tuesday after a redwood tree fell into his home in Boulder Creek, firefighters said.

The child was conscious and breathing on his own when they transferred him to an ambulance that took him to Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz.

“The patient wasn’t going to be able to be removed without removing that tree, so we had crews on top of the roof and inside the structure, in the living room, where they were ultimately cutting away that weight and removing that off the patient,” said Boulder Creek Fire District Chief Mark Bingham.

Nobody else in the home was injured, firefighters said.

“For the residents there and the patients there its dramatic for the small community here who recently suffered some losses, the hits keep coming and we can’t wait for it to pause,” said Bingham.

Within the last hours, Boulder Creek Fire District said they’ve had more than 20 reports of fallen trees, trapping residents in their homes and blocking roads.

“Stay inside shelter in place if you can, this isn’t the time to be walking your dogs or driving to the store just to drive to the store, wait until the storm passes,” said Bingham.

The 1-year-old boy was transferred to a hospital in San Jose where he is receiving traumacare.

Red Cross is helping this family with temporary shelter and other resources.

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