71-Year-Old Woman Attacked and Robbed in Vallejo

A 71-year old Filipina American was recovering in a hospital Monday after her family said someone hit her in the head, stole her purse, and took off.

Dennis Perez said his father, stepmom and their friends had just finished a nice night out eating at the Jollibee in Vallejo. But the night took a turn for the worst when his stepmom, Enelia, was attacked and robbed while walking back to their car.

“She was walking, felt someone grabbing her purse, she pulled back and when she started tug-of-warring with him, felt a hit to the back of her head, and she blacked out for a moment,” said Perez. “Next thing she knew, she was on the ground and could hear my dad calling her name.”

Perez’s dad said he saw the suspect run off, hop into a car, and take off with her purse. Her credit cards and license still inside.

Police arrived within minutes, but at that point, Enelia needed help quickly.

“When she got into the emergency room, there was bleeding in her brain, and she had a big welt on the back of her head,” said Perez. He said her latest CT scan showed the bleeding had since stabilized.

Her family is still shaken up and upset.

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