A pit bull breeder from Southern California was fatally attacked while feeding their dogs

A fatality occurred in a dog attack at a residence in Compton, California. The victim was discovered deceased in the backyard of the home by a friend, where 13 dogs were present. The exact time of the incident was not immediately known. Video footage revealed multiple dogs in the yard, with the victim found inside a fenced kennel at the back of the house.

The victim sustained injuries to both the upper and lower body. While the specific number of dogs involved in the attack was not clear, authorities are examining footage suggesting multiple dogs participated.

Lieutenant Michael Gomez stated, “Our victim was in the backyard, apparently feeding them, and it sounds like they attacked him ultimately he succumbed to his injuries.” The victim, who bred and sold pit bulls and pit bull mixes, had five adult dogs and six puppies (4 to 6 months old) at the residence. The county will decide the fate of these dogs.

Animal services will conduct an investigation, the sheriff’s department said. The dogs will be transported to the Downey Animal Care Center for exams. 

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