Bay Area Businesses Ready for California’s Reopening Tuesday

It’s only a matter of hours before California’s COVID-19 mask mandate and other pandemic restrictions are lifted, and many business owners said they are ready for the full reopening.

At Paxti’s Pizza in Noe Valley on Sunday, owner Michael Banks said it was a good weekend.

“This weekend was extremely busy,” he said. “People are feeling more comfortable, and people have been feeling cooped up.” 

This week will mark some massive changes for the state.

On Tuesday, California’s mask mandates will be lifted for fully vaccinated people in most situations.

Capacity limits and physical distancing requirements will also be lifted.

On Thursday, the Cal/OSHA workplace safety board will vote on new rules that will essentially mirror the governor and state health officials’ guidance for mask use. It means most businesses will be allowed to lift their mask requirements for employees indoors.

A bit of confusion as the state reopens on Tuesday and that vote isn’t until Thursday. But even if those rules for workers are lifted, Banks said he’s going to ease into removing his mask at work.

“I’m probably still going to wear my mask. Just because there’s going to be people who are not vaccinated,” he said.

The businesses and public settings that will continue with mask requirements include hospitals, other medical venues and all public transit. 

As the rules change again, many people are still figuring out what their comfort levels will be in different areas.

A year ago, Gov. Gavin Newsom issued his first mask mandates as California was in a summer COVID-19 spike. 

Now, as infections plummet and much of the Bay Area is fully vaccinated, people are feeling comfortable. But many say they are not ready to fully get rid of their masks just yet.

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