California’s salmon fishing season may be in danger of a second consecutive year of complete closure

Fishing regulators are on the verge of potentially shutting down California’s king salmon season for the second time in two years, which would only be the third time in history. The Pacific Fisheries Management Council has started its annual meeting in Seattle, Washington, where it will decide on the upcoming season that typically starts in May. Still reeling from the effects of the recent drought, which severely impacted the salmon population, the council is weighing options between a complete closure or allowing extremely limited fishing.

Jared Davis, the owner of the Salty Lady charter fishing boat in Sausalito, anticipates another full closure for the second consecutive year. Despite California experiencing two consecutive winters of heavy rainfall, the issue with the adult salmon population stems from the previous drought. Salmon follow a three-year life cycle, and this year’s adult fish were spawned during the drought period. Last year’s total closure was only the second in history and had a significant impact on the fishing industry.

“Last year, I lost about 80% of my overall revenue,” Davis noted. “Nothing really compares to salmon; salmon drives the entire charter fishing industry.”

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