Elizabeth Holmes Trial: No Verdict After 6 Days of Deliberations

Deliberations in the Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial will continue in the new year.

Jurors on Wednesday wrapped up their sixth day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. Deliberations at the federal courthouse in downtown San Jose will resume Monday morning.

Legal analyst Steven Clark said this is not all that uncommon and likely means the jury is doing its due diligence and taking the case extremely seriously.

Longtime court watchers said it’s important to remember how much evidence and testimony was presented during the trial and that Holmes herself took the stand.

“And I think there’s two competing narratives going on in that deliberation room, and I think people are fighting for Elizabeth Holmes in the jury deliberation room,” Clark said.

With nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy, there is a lot of material for the jury to go through.

“You have to go through thousands of emails, thousands of documents,” Clark said. “And they can all be interpreted different ways. I think that’s what’s going on in there.”

Psycologically speaking, Clark said holidays don’t always matter to jurors.

“They’re not going to give a quick verdict here because of the holidays or COVID or media coverage. I think this jury is marching on in very difficult circumstances,” he said.

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