Elon Musk promises to ‘make things right’ with San Jose bakery after Tesla cancels a significant order.

Elon Musk has pledged to rectify the situation with a San Jose bakery after Tesla canceled a large pie order, reportedly costing the owner thousands of dollars.

Voahangy Rasetarinera, the owner of “The Giving Pies” in San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood, stated that last week, they received an order from Tesla for 4,000 mini-pies worth $16,000.

Rasetarinera explained that she had her staff work extra hours, purchased ingredients and supplies, and even turned down at least three other catering jobs to fulfill Tesla’s substantial order.

However, Tesla unexpectedly canceled the order via a text message.

Musk posted on his social media platform “X” Friday morning that he “will make things good with the bakery,” although the specifics of this resolution are not yet clear.

Rasetarinera mentioned that she has not been contacted by Musk since the social media post. The incident has generated significant discussion in the community, with a long line forming on Friday to purchase the remaining mini-pies for the day.

Some customersexpressed their support after learning about what happened to Rasetarinera the previous week.

“I thought it was terrible. Here, they do a nice business with a great product, and they give some of it away to help people. And then, Tesla comes and orders 4,000 pies and squashes the order. I think that’s disgusting,” said San Jose resident David.

David visited “The Giving Pies” twice on Friday to support the business. There were also new customers coming in.

“It’s hard for these non-chain type places to survive. So I thought, I would come over and support. The pies look great,” said San Jose resident Eric.

Rasetarinera stated on Friday that her business has tripled since the incident, and she is receiving messages and orders from all over the world.

“I feel super grateful and super supported,” she said. “People placing orders like ‘I live in Canada, I just want to support you.’ They place an order and say ‘just give it to anybody.’”

Before Musk’s post, Rasetarinera mentioned that she received a message from someone at Tesla, explaining that it was all a misunderstanding. They also inquired if she could cater two events in March.

Rasetarinera mentioned that she has not yet received a follow-up email regarding this, but if she does, she stated that she would consider it if she has the time and resources.

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