Ex-San Jose police officer arrested once again

A former San Jose police officer, previously dismissed for allegedly engaging in inappropriate conduct while on duty at a crime scene, is now facing new legal issues. Mathew Dominguez has been arrested on various charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. Despite being terminated, he has had continued interactions with the justice system and is currently held in custody with bail set at over $100,000.

Last year, Police Chief Tony Mata terminated Dominguez and escorted him out of a police station after allegations that he had engaged in inappropriate behavior, specifically, masturbating inside a victim’s home during an investigation.

Dominguez now faces fresh charges related to an incident at the intersections of Penitencia Creek and Capitol Avenue, as well as on Almaden Road and Willow Street. The charges include assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run, and failure to yield to police officers. The news has elicited shock, with retired San Jose police officer Michael Leininger expressing surprise that such incidents would involve a former member of the San Jose police force, especially given Dominguez’s actions while still an active officer.

Several women have also accused Dominguez of groping them while on and off duty and court records show a series of accusations since then.

Another woman filed a domestic violence restraining order against him last month.

Also in October, San Jose police filed a gun violence restraining order against him, meaning they temporarily took away his guns.

Now Leininger questions how Dominguez passed his background check to become a cop in the first place.

“Comprehensive backgrounds should dig deep. These people are going out there with a badge and a gun. They have the ultimate authority in the United States,”said Leininger.

A former cop with a troubled history, once again on the wrong side of the law.

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