Monopoly releases personalized ‘San Jose edition’

There was a lot of buzz in the South Bay from the city and businesses alike Monday as one of the most popular board games in the world, Monopoly, revealed a personalized “San Jose edition.” 

The city is getting its own edition of the game, with all the traditional spots on the board replaced by local landmarks. 

It shared its excitement with the Monopoly mascot at the Winchester Mystery House, the iconic home that took the coveted position, where Boardwalk usually is. 

“San Jose has so much history, so much to be proud of, so much to celebrate, and this is just one more great opportunity to do that,” said Mayor Matt Mahan. 

Original Joe’s is the new Park Place and the railroad spots are replaced by the VTA.

The transit agency shared its enthusiasm, wrapping an entire bus promoting the game. 

The line was out the door at Peters’ Bakery, which was also part of the new game board, with a picture of its famous burnt almond cake. 

They had a huge stack of the customized games in store and every one sold out in a preorder. 

“I love the concept, whoever came up with this idea is a genius,” said Hilda Ramirez of San Jose. 

She bought a stack of them. 

“As a native of San Jose, I couldn’t be more proud and more excited,” said Ramirez. “I bought five today and I’m going to come back and order a lot more. This is going to be the hottest Christmas gift in the Bay Area.”

A group of friends drove all the way from Lincoln, outside Sacramento, to get their hands on one. They all grew up in the city. 

“To see all these landmarks that we’re all excited about because it says ‘San Jose’ on there, we’re all very proud,” they said.

The owner of Peters’ Bakery, Cap Peters, said, “We’re a shop that makes a product that thankfully people enjoy but it’s the people of San Jose that’ve put us on the map, figuratively and literally so without them we wouldn’t be here.”

The company behind the custom games, Top Trumps USA, has made other official city editions, including Napa Valley.  But it’s the first major Bay Area city to get one. 

They’ve been working on it for a year and a half, getting community input on what should be included. 

“It’s always tricky to figure out who should go where. Of course, some people think they’re Boardwalk and Park Place and some people are wrong,” said Aaron Green of Top Trumps USA. “But that’s the fun part of putting the board together and designing what goes in what spots.” 

He adds no one ever agrees what should be on there.

Also on the board, the Tech Interactive and Children’s Discovery Museum.

Landmarks and businesses that are a big part of San Jose and immortalized for the generations that’ll play it. 

“Let’s let that game tell the story of San Jose because it’s one of the best places to live in the country,” said Ramirez.

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