General Motors establishes a new office in Silicon Valley

A company with a history of over 100 years is now entering Silicon Valley with the approach of a startup.

General Motors (GM) has launched a 50,000-square-foot facility in the Bay Area, recognizing that its latest vehicles focus heavily on technology and electric propulsion.

“We realized the importance of expanding our presence here to accelerate our pace of innovation,” stated GM CEO Mary Barra.

Barra traveled from Detroit to Mountain View to inaugurate the office, emphasizing the necessity of local talent for developing connected, environmentally friendly vehicles.

GM is transitioning from gasoline-powered to electric vehicles.

“We see significant potential in the software and services sector, as well as in enhancing the profitability of EVs through ongoing battery technology advancements,” Barra noted.

Joining the electric trend is the Oakland Unified School District.

The district revealed on Wednesday that its entire bus fleet now consists of electric vehicles. These buses utilize electricity and can return excess energy to the grid after school hours.

“When these buses are not in use for transportation, which coincides with peak energy demand in the evenings and summers, they will be connected to our platform to supply energy back to the grid,” stated Zumi CEO Ritu Narayan.

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