GM’s Cruise has compensated a San Francisco pedestrian who was struck and dragged by its autonomous taxi with over $8 million

General Motors Co.’s self-driving taxi division has reportedly settled with a pedestrian who was dragged by one of its autonomous vehicles in San Francisco for an amount between $8 million and $12 million.

The settlement was reached earlier this year, and the woman involved has since been discharged from the hospital. The incident occurred in October, when the pedestrian was initially struck by another vehicle and then ended up in front of the Cruise taxi.

Despite the taxi’s attempt to brake, it ran over the pedestrian and continued to drive for 20 feet at speeds of up to seven miles per hour with the person still underneath. Following this incident, Cruise grounded its entire US fleet after California suspended its license.

The former CEO Kyle Vogt resigned, nine executives were terminated, and approximately a quarter of the workforce was laid off. Cruise recently announced plans to resume testing its autonomous taxis with safety drivers in Phoenix, marking a significant step in its efforts to resume services.

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