San Jose Community Holds Fundraiser to Help Coach in Need

East San Jose is stepping up to the plate to help support a coach that’s been impacting students’ lives for years.

The coach recently lost his home in a fire and is now living with family in Concord, so parents and students ran a fundraiser to help get him back on his feet Wednesday.

“He’s really nice, funny, caring,” said Marianna, whose mother held the fundraiser.

Uzoma Amuchie, also known as Coach Zoom, runs the Little Heroes organization at Ryan STEAM Academy in San Jose and coordinates the school’s P.E., flag football, basketball and soccer programs. 

He also has a separate training program, and still, finds the time to volunteer and coach in a county football league. 

“I was born with a disability, so I always wanted to give back what I learned as a person that played sports and had that ability, where people always doubted you,” said Amuchie.

A few weeks ago, his life was turned upside down by a fire that left his home scorched and unrecognizable.

“As I waking up, I can smell smoke and I can hear someone outside saying fire,” said the coach.

Amuchie said he had no other choice but to move back in with family in Concord and commute everyday to work and to volunteer in the South Bay.

Students found out and immediately asked their parents for help. 

“We told my mom about what happened to him and she just wanted to do something. So, she came up with the idea of the food trailer,” said Marianna.

Mariannas’s mom shared the plan on social media and it quickly gained traction. Families and students Amuchie has been showing up for showed up for him during back to school night.

“I wanted to support him by making him happy and building him a new house,” said Michael, a student.

The goal of the fundraiser was to help Coach Zoom find a home in a community he’s so generously supported for years.

“For him to go through what he’s been going through and still decide to show up with a happy face for our kids, that’s priceless,” said parent Maria Artiaga Carrasco. 

“I’m just like utterly speechless,” said Amuchie. “I don’t know what to say, I’m like really, really lost for words, to the point where I kind of tear up sometimes.”

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