San Jose Residents Opposed to Tiny Homes for Homeless

Some neighbors in the Berryessa district in San Jose are worried about the city’s plan to build tiny homes for the homeless in the area. 

The homes would be built on Noble Avenue across from a day care center, an elementary school and near a public library, a park and a middle school. The opposition to this plan is shared by many residents of the area and even publicized on lawns throughout the neighborhood. 

“I bet you $5,000 plus have a criminal record,” said resident Jarod Middlegon. “We have a school right over there.” 

Middlegon said the city council had a secret meeting where the plan passed, but said residents weren’t invited. 

That issue is now being addressed by the city and in the meantime, the rules and open government committee heard community concerns and a request from council member David Cohen to pause the project for 120 days. 

“I don’t know the type of people that are going to be here” said resident David Ojeda.

The city is trying to place 1,000 units throughout the city or 100 in every district to address the growing homeless crisis. 

Shaunn Cartwright with the San Jose Homeless Coalition said the city has more than 5000 unhoused community members.

Last year, she said 250 homeless people died on the city’s streets. This year, a total of 127 deaths have been registered.

“We need tiny homes and pallet shelters all over the city and in every district,” she said. 

However, she also believes the site on Noble Avenue is questionable.

“Sending them to an area where they are doomed to fail because of the economic xenophobia of the residents does not allow them to succeed no matter how great the plan will be,” she said.

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