Santa Clara County Residents 16 and Up Can Book Vaccine Appointments Ahead of Expansion

Some Santa Clara County residents don’t have to wait until April 15 to start booking their vaccine appointments.

Starting Thursday, Santa Clara County residents 16 years and older will be able to book an appointment for a shot starting on April 15.

But getting an appointment will depend on a lot of other factors including vaccine supply.

With this news, some say there is hope and again nothing is certain but hope that many schools will be able to have a safe in-person graduation this June, rather than the drive through or virtual ceremonies that happened last year. 

In fact, a lot of summer activities could suddenly be possible once people 16 and older can get fully vaccinated.

Mary Ann Dewan/ Santa Clara County Superintendent

“Starting at 12:01 tomorrow morning.. That group can go on the Santa Clara County Public Health website and try to book an appointment for covid vaccine shots, as long as the appointment doesn’t happen before April 15,” said Santa Clara County Superintendent Mary Ann Dewan.

Santa Clara County vaccine director, Dr. Marty Fenstersheib cautions that getting a shot will depend on the vaccine supply from the state each week.

“This past week we were able to open over 50,000 first dose appointments but they get taken up pretty quickly,” he said.

For those coordinating vaccination sites, such as at VMC and Levi’s Stadium, officials they have already been preparing for the expected rush.

“We have been staffing our sites to the maximum capacity it can hold, so that is really the biggest ramp up we’ve been doing in the past two weeks,” said Health Site Manager Nelda David.

Once the new eligible group join the lines for vaccines, there will be about 1.5 million eligible recipients just in Santa Clara County alone.

County officials emphasize the public to be patient, show up for appointments on time, and even when graduations and other events go on, keep wearing masks and maintain social distancing.

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