Senior Citizens Seek Help Setting Up Online Vaccination Appointments

Senior citizens are at the front of the line for vaccinations, but not every senior citizen is able to make an online appointment, so some are turning to computer consultants, church groups and friends for help.

Phil Wiseman, 81, asked his computer consultant for help signing up for a vaccine. The owner of Senior Surf Computer Education, David Casuto, said Wiseman isn’t the only client asking for help.

“They tried to do it, they knew that it was available, but when we went online, it wasn’t obvious,” said Casuto.

“Even he had trouble,” said Wiseman. “I can’t tell you the steps he had to go through but they were numerous.”

Wiseman did get his first dose.

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself,” he said.

He said some of his friends skipped the computer and called their doctor who then signed them up.

Seniors are also calling their churches. Reverend Amos Brown at Third Baptist said seniors need help making the appointment and getting there.

“This is why we’re giving them rides, why we have workers who are calling them and putting lists together so they will be able to go and get their vaccination, without any great problem,” said Brown.

Michael Hamilton got his shot after a family friend handled the online signup.

“He really isn’t using online technology any longer,” said Lara Klieves, the friend who helped him sign up. “He did have an email address, which is great because it was necessary.”

Klieves also took the 84-year-old to the appointment. She said she’s worried there are many seniors who can’t navigate the process and need a friend or neighbor to check in and help.

“That lovely old man across the street, check with them and make sure they know the vaccine is available, and more importantly, that they are getting help in getting registered to get the vaccine,” she said.

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