Steel art piece stolen from San Jose studio

The Bay Area has witnessed an increase in robberies, targeting various items such as cars, electronics, and clothing. However, a recent incident stands out as a unique case: a steel art piece was stolen from a San Jose studio.

The artist, Edo Rosenberg, discovered his artwork missing after a break-in at his studio on Tuesday morning. Despite being securely bolted to the ground, the art piece, on which Rosenberg had spent two and a half months, was taken.

Rosenberg expressed disbelief, stating, “It’s crazy that someone would drag a piece that size with his truck.” Surveillance footage captured a white truck pulling up, and the driver spent nearly 20 minutes attaching the art piece to the back of the vehicle. Despite the weight causing the truck to lean back, the determined thief successfully drove off with the stolen artwork.

“That’s a long time of effort, I’m full time in my studio this time, it’s all I do, it’s two and a half months of working every day,” said Rosenberg. 

He’s shown some of his work throughout the Bay Area. Before moving to the U.S., Rosenberg grew up in Israel and went to art school there. 

This latest piece had three elements made of corten steel that were bolted together, each with a lot of detail.

“All the conflict in the Middle East has definitely affected me and lots of other people that I know and I’m very much anti-war,” he said. “If you look at the piece, some of it looks like a track of a tank.”

He wants his artwork back, but said he’s been frustrated with the lack of response from the San Jose Police Department. He said he was told to fill a report online. 

“They said ‘if somebody was interested, they would call me back,’” said Rosenberg.

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