Tom Brady responds to a CVS order mix-up where another family received a photo of him with his kids

The mother of a San Francisco 49ers player recently sent a picture to CVS to be printed, and she received a nice family photo in return.

There was only one small issue: It wasn’t her family. It was Tom Brady and his children.

Katie Tonges, whose brother Jake plays tight end on the 49ers practice squad, shared the funny mix-up on TikTok and got a response from the legendary quarterback himself.

“The photo my mom ordered to CVS,” she captioned a picture of her and Jake with their two other siblings. Two of them are dressed in San Francisco 49ers gear for Jake’s game.

“The photo my mom was given,” she then captioned a picture of Brady with his sons Jack, 16, and Benjamin, 14, and daughter, Vivian, 11, in New England Patriots gear.

Tonges also shared a screenshot of a text from her father.

“Mom sent in a picture of you kids to CVS to give grandma for Christmas. We just received them today and instead of you guys we get Tom Brady and his kids🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣??????” it reads.

The retired New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers legend then chimed in with a response in the comments. Brady grew up as a 49ers fan in the Bay Area, and his parents, Tom Sr. and Galynn, still live there.

“My mom must have been printing out some photos in San Francisco 😅” Brady wrote.

“Next time you’re in town we can do a photo swap!” Katie Tonges responded.

She also had high hopes for their family picture.

“Hoping his mom will frame our photo,” she joked in the comments.

The photo of Brady and his kids appears to be from New England’s Gillette Stadium, which christened a new lighthouse atop the stadium at a game on Sept. 10 honoring Brady. The quarterback and his children are standing near a bell that Brady rang during the game.

The commenters enjoyed the mix-up.

“I love that Tom Brady’s mom prints pics at CVS like the rest of us,” one person wrote.

“My dad would prefer the one of Brady and not me 🤣🤣🤣” another one wrote.

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