Truck Crashes Into Outdoor Patio in San Jose

A new video released Saturday shows the terrifying moments as a pickup driver hit and killed a woman in an outdoor patio of a San Jose bar and grill on Friday night. 

Alex Moreno, 32, was identified as the suspect in a fatal crash into an outdoor dining area in San Jose. (June 11, 2021)

In the video, people can be heard screaming in the background, just seconds after a pickup truck backed into a crowd of people in an outdoor patio at the Agave Bar and Grill.

One woman in the video appeared to be pinned against the wall. The woman later died. The victim’s friend said that she was a mother in her early 30s. She was from Colombia and had a young daughter. 

Two men at the table were also injured but police said they are both expected to survive.

Susan Lisazaro was in the patio and credits her friend for saving her life and pulling her away from the truck just in time. 

“I felt one of my friends grabbed my arm and pulled my other friend to the side,” she said. 

Lisazaro added that it was a terrifying scene and she recalled seeing one of the injured men. 

“I saw him moving his hands, asking for help and we felt so bad not being able to help him,” she said. 

San Jose police arrested the driver of the truck, 32-year-old Alex Moreno. 

Moreno is now facing gross vehicular manslaughter and felony DUI charges. 

Witnesses declared that they saw Moreno and a woman leaving the restaurant and getting into the truck. They added the two were sitting in the cab for about 20 minutes before Moreno put his truck into reverse and crashed into the patio. 

The woman in the truck was not hurt.

Witnesses said Moreno tried to drive off but was stopped by a security guard and others customers on scene. 

Earlier on Saturday, employees made repairs to the patio fencing before the bar reopened for the day. 

As of Saturday night, people were dining and having drinks in the same patio where the incident happened.

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