Porsche’s Taycan is the first car with a native Apple Podcasts app

Porsche’s all-electric Taycan is the primary car to urge full Apple Podcasts integration, permitting proprietors to natively get to Apple’s library of 1.5 million appears see its podcast charts, the company has declared. The car’s infotainment framework is additionally getting bolster for Apple Music’s verses include, which is able be shown on the passenger-side show.

The highlights are accessible in unused Taycan cars presently, and will roll out to existing cars in January, the company says. Apple Podcasts has previously been available to stream to the Taycan’s infotainment framework through Apple CarPlay, but the local app implies you don’t have to be interface your phone to begin tuning in. It moreover implies the app can stream over the vehicle’s built-in information association (you get three a long time of information with the buy of the car). Apple Music’s verses highlight was not already accessible over CarPlay.

As well as listing to shows, Porsche owners will be able to sync their podcast listening with other devices via their Apple ID. Voice control is supported via Porsche’s Voice Assistant. 

Apple Podcasts is the second built-in Apple app that Porsche’s Taycan has been the first to get, after the Apple Music app last year. Android users haven’t been so lucky since the Taycan still lacks support for Android Auto. There are signs that Porsche is softening its stance on Google’s car infotainment system however, after the company added support for it earlier this year in an upgraded infotainment system for older cars.

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